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The Madrasa provide the best education in a rich Islamic environment where Islamic thought,
practice, culture and knowledge of Islam are the dominant factors of the school


Our main goal is to inculcate the sentiments of believing in the superiority of Allah, devotion
to the prophet, desire to acquire the Islamic knowledge and adaption of Islamic life style
among the young learners.

The Madrasa is established to provide complete education to young learners.

To make it possible, we initiated the project from pre-school so as to build the learners’
aptitude from the very first day of their education. We follow the latest Early Childhood
Education system integrated with moral and spiritual development.

Our buildings are filled with children who want to come to school every day.
They are engaged in activities that light up their brains, sharpen their critical capacities and
develop their consciences.

To pursue excellence in providing Islamic and school education to the next generation, at JAMIA ISLAHUL MUSLIMEEN:-

● We provide the children with an Islamic, child-centred and structured learning environment.

●We have teachers who can relate to, listen to and motivate children to excel.

●We have school premise that is spacious with modern classrooms and common room for break


●We use age-appropriate learning methods and materials to make learning enjoyable.

●We involve the parents in the education of their children by giving homeworks, progress

Updates and arranging parents’ meetings.

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