Directors Message

As-Salaam-u-alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.

Welcome to Jamia Islahul Muslimeen.

It gives me Immense pleasure to welcome you and provide you with information about Madrasa. Our aim is to nurture and empower pupils to become responsible Muslim citizens who contribute not only to their own development, but also to the well-being of their family, friends, neighbars and the community they live in. Until fairly recently, Muslim parents had to choose between giving their children elther a purely secular education in state schools (at the expense of an Islamic teaching and upbringing) or providing them with Islamic education (at the expense of academic excellence). Thankfully, the educational landscape has now significantly improved, with the establishment of many Islamic schools that provide a high standard of education as well as succeeding in Inculcating an Islamic ethas Into the lives of students. Islam attaches great Importance to seeking knowledge and thereafter acting upon it.

Waalaykum As Salaam Md . Farhan Akhtar

Ahaadeeth (narrations)

The very first Quranic verse to be revealed was about education. There are also countless
Ahaadeeth (narrations) relating to the importance and virtues of seeking knowledge.
Furthermore, the blessed Seerah confirms that the Noble Prophet (SAW).

The monitoring of each student and attention to detail in assessing their needs has lead to academic progress and produced knowledgeable students who are taught in a safe and caring Islamic environment. Upon reading through this Prospectus, We invite you to visit our school and realise the potential your child can achieve here. Madrasa – A great place for Islamic education.

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