Mission & Vision


JAMIA ISLAHUL MUSLIMEEN for Children’s aim to Provide a well-rounded education to the highest of standards, implanting self-esteem and confidence thus enabling pupils to hold the highest of values and a positive attitude while upholding their Islamic values.

  • JAMIA ISLAHUL MUSLIMEEN is a place that invests all its passion in what is
    good, recognizing that what our young people achieve and experience at our school will
    have a profound effect and impact upon their lives.
  • We recognize that all children are
    unique; we develop their talents using innovative approaches using academy freedoms to
    meet the diverse needs of our learning community, set within an extended school day. 
  • Our school is the school of choice for parents who are proud to be ambitious for their children, value academic success, and who want them to achieve to the fullest of their ability within a supportive and caring environment that safeguards their Islamic faith.

Our aim at JAMIA ISLAHUL MUSLIMEEN is to educate our children in a manner that they grow into adulthood as confident Muslim, aware of their identity and responsibilities.


Our mission is to provide education in an Islamic environment that encourages good discipline,
behavior, tolerance and respect, in order to achieve goals by developing potential, thereby
creating role models for the community.

We want each student to feel appreciated, happy, and
to be able to enjoy their learning through a stimulating environment which celebrates their

We hope to work closely with the community to allow their children to achieve
and succeed during their time at Madrasa .

We hope that our school becomes the
steppingstone that will provide your children with an Islamic Framework to allow them to
succeed in this world and ultimately in the hereafter.

Madrasa aims to promote Islamic spiritual and moral values based on the Quran .

We are committed to providing students with a solid , accredited educational foundation in mathematics,science, language, arts , social studies, Islam and Quran.

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